State Officials

County/Local Officials

Kim Reynolds

Governor, Iowa

“Iowa Republicans are known for their dedication to service, and Dr. Christopher Peters is no exception. As an Army veteran and surgeon, Dr. Peters knows the value of putting others first, and will take this mindset to Congress. As a family man, Chris understands the value of a loving home, and will treat each constituent as if they were a member of his family. He represents the core of what Iowa Republicans stand for—individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. Chris is an admirable man who I believe will serve Iowans well in Congress. He has the opportunity to turn Iowa’s last Congressional district red, let’s make it happen!”

Rod Blum

Congressman, Iowa 1st District

BIll Northey

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, former

Thomas Greene

State Senator District 44

Gary Carlson

Representative District 91

“I support Dr. Chris Peters’ campaign for U.S. Congress.

Dr. Peters’ experience as a physician and veteran make him well qualified to deal with two of our nation’s most critical issues – national defense and healthcare. Protecting our country is a fundamental role of the Federal government. Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran healthcare, and Obamacare are critical components of our Federal budget and need structural improvements. Dr. Peters would bring a medical perspective badly needed in Washington D.C.

Dr. Peters is also a fiscal conservative and problem solver. Iowan’s need and deserve the pragmatic leadership he would provide as our U.S. Congressman.”

Norlin Mommsen

Representative District 97

“Dr. Peters is an outspoken advocate for using the free market to fix our broken healthcare system. With Obamacare burdening the state and its middle class, Iowa deserves a Congressman who will put patients first, and enact reforms to improve the quality of care while lowering costs. I am confident that Dr. Peters’ experience as a physician will allow him to propose meaningful solutions and provide options for Iowans across the state.”

Bobby Kaufmann

Representative District 73

“Iowans should elect a representative of principle like Dr. Peters. Unlike career politicians, his stances on the issues won’t change once he goes to Washington. No special interest will sway Chris to change his mind at the expense of the country. He will faithfully represent the interests of Iowans and put people over politics. I support Dr. Peters because he thinks for himself, and that is the only mindset that can fix the broken political system we have.”

Ross Paustian

Representative District 92

Ken Rozenboom

State Senator District 40

“Chris Peters is a principled conservative guided by common sense and a belief in limited government. He believes that the government ought to stop interfering in individual’s private lives, and his focus on upholding the Bill of Rights and putting America’s interests first is admirable. Iowa needs more leaders like Dr. Peters in Congress.”

County Officials

Debra Lynn

Clarke County, Treasurer

Diane Holst

Scotty County, Board of Supervisors

Daniel Srp

Clinton County, Board of Supervisors

Tom Determann

Clinton County, Board of Supervisors

Michael Hadley

Keokuk County, Board of Supervisors

John Schroeder

Keokuk County, Attorney

GOP Officials

Richard and Elva Turnquist

Appanoose County, Chair

Maude Conkity

Appanoose County, Secretary

Velma Huebner

Cedar County, Chair

Jack Vanderflught

Clarke County, Chair

Dale Mastrarone

Clarke County, Co-Chair

Malane McLin

Clarke County, Treasurer

Dan Smicker

Clinton County, Chair

Diane Cassaday

Clinton County, Secretary

Myrna Neumann

Clinton County, Treasurer

Josh Davenport

Davis County, Co-chair

Charles Coffey

Decatur County, Chair

Terry Davis

Des Moines County, Chair

Ben Miller

Jasper County, Co-Chair

Savannah Wood

Jasper County, Secretary

Matthew E. Evans

Johnson County, Chair

Ben Kriz

Johnson County, Co-Chair

John Schroeder

Keokuk County, Secretary

Mike Hodges

Louisa County, Chair

Fred Grunder

Muscatine County, Chair

Ben Janowski

Muscatine County, Co-Chair

Pat and Randy Siemsen

Scott County, Vice Chair

Chuck Brockmann

Scott County, Committeeman

David Wampler

Wayne County, Chair

Physicians Coalition

Michael Cassaday

Gastroenterologist (Retired)

Brian Sires

Neorology (Retired)

Ray Harre


Barb Harre


Albert Cram

Plastic Surgery (Retired)

James Wright

Thoracic Surgeon

Dustin Krutsinger


Jeff Hallman


Hamed Tewfik

Radiation Oncologist (Retired)

Ferial Tewfik

Radiation Oncologist (Retired)

Jim Kimball

Family Practice

Andy Ashby


Rob Allen


Community and Business Leaders

John Balmer

Owner, Plumber Supply Company

Maggie Tinsman

State Senator, Former

Jon Dunwell

Tri-Loan Securities

Dan Dolan

Former 2nd District Congressional Candidate

Kyle Apple

Chairman, University of Iowa College Republicans

Alexandra Byrnes

Vice Chair, University of Iowa College Republicans

Jordan Gringer

Treasurer, University of Iowa College Republicans

Christian Sarabia

Chairman, Graceland University College Republicans

Mike and Jan Finlayson

Midwestone Bank

Dan Spotten

Owner, The Sign Spot

Kevin O’Brien

Owner, McDonalds

Wayne and Kay Wagner

Quad Cities Investment Group

Gene Enke

Businessman, Lee County

Mike Gonzalez

Candidate for state senate, law enforcement officer

David Welch

Pastor, Sigourney Christian Church


Richard Keilig

Army LTC (Retired)

Brian Swink


Patrick Wronkiewicz

Marine Corps, Corporal

Lee Booton

US Navy SF Vietnam, former VFW-IA Sr. Vice Commander

Scott Visser

Army, Colonel


Mark Ogden

President of the Johnson County Farm Bureau

Kent Stuart

John and Joan Maxwell

Cinnamon Ridge Farms

Bruce Barnhart

Ken Fawcett

Dave Savage

Marlin Brenneman


Republican Liberty Caucus

“The board members of the Republican Liberty Caucus are pleased to endorse Dr. Christopher Peters (R-IA) for Congress. Dr. Peters has been called a member of the “new generation of liberty-minded candidates.” Congressman Rod Blum, an RLC endorsed incumbent himself, encouraged Dr. Peters to run for the US House after his previous showing in the Iowa State House race in 2016. Dr. Peters credits Ron Paul for his political philosophy. His dedication to restoring liberty, prosperity, civility in politics, and common sense are traits this organization respects in a candidate. We encourage all who value the free market, a strong constitutional military, true health care reform, the protection of civil liberties, and common sense government reform to support his campaign.”

University of Iowa College Republicans

“The University of Iowa College Republicans are pleased to endorse Dr. Christopher Peters for the U.S. House of Representatives in Iowa’s second district. As a veteran, surgeon, and small business owner, Dr. Peters has a diverse background that will allow him to work in a bipartisan fashion and bring common sense back to Washington. Dr. Peters is the only candidate that has the potential to turn Iowa’s second district red for the first time since 2007, and we look forward to working with him during the upcoming election season to unseat Dave Loebsack.”